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Sarah Edwards


Sarah is an innovative event producer, creative strategist and promoter of kindness.

Sarah hustled for 10 years in the marketing world before she finally quit her full time job and started her own company, I AM Sarah Edwards. She believes that we should celebrate our unique differences and create platforms to connect and help each other. A perfect night includes ordering pizza with her boyfriend Tony and binge watching Game of Thrones while hanging out with their dogs Topher & Pierre. 


Grace Tait McAvoy

Brand Manager

Grace is an army brat who moved 14 times in her young life and once called the Middle East her home.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, she now happily calls Minneapolis her home. Having volunteered for Sarah Edwards for over 2 years for fun, Grace was her first hire when she finally started her own business! When not at the office, you can find Grace dragging her boss to a yoga class, drinking wine while watching the Bachelor, or planning her next camping trip with her husband Kyle. 


Kayla Donahue

Events & Public Relations Coordinator

Kayla is a Public Relations and Event Coordinator for I AM Sarah Edwards.

Having a creative mind and a zeal for business operations, Public Relations and Event Coordination has shown to be the perfect marriage of these two passions of Kayla's. She prides herself on being able to help build and promote brands in innovative ways. Outside of work, Kayla loves spending time with her family and experiencing the myriad of restaurants in the cities.


Kourtney White

Creative Coordinator

Kourtney is both creative and analytical.

With her love of film and passion for creating, she brings a unique perspective to the team! She enjoys content creating and filmmaking (directing, producing, & production design.) In her free time, you can find her watching horror films and eating the spiciest wings that Buffalo Wild Wings has to offer.


Sophia Stewart

Creative Coordinator

Sophia is an extremely ambitious creative.

She loves the process of brainstorming new ideas and making them come to life! With an extensive background in photography styling, social media and event planning she brings a creative eye and quick wit to the team! In her free time she enjoys live music at First Avenue and tacos from Nico's Tacos in Uptown!



Director of Crumb Management

While his job may not seem important, he manages all floor scraps and guarantees a clean office space. 

If you’re unable to find him in the office, look for the person who is eating their lunch. He’ll be close by. His career aspirations are not limited to crumbs. He also has interest in scraps, leftovers, leavings, odds and ends and any sort of edible remnants.



Director of Beard Compliance

Being located in the NorthEast, we had to add one bearded member to the staff, even if that team member is a dog.

While not keeping himself busy with various oils to keep his beard in the best state possible, Pierre often spends his time focusing on whoever is not giving him the appropriate amount of attention. His well-rounded skillset also includes placing paws on keyboards and staring.