Health For The Holidays

Written, produced by and starring Sarah Edwards // Video by Jason Ho

I made this video because.

1. I think the health & fitness industry could use some humor.
2. Trying a new fitness studio by yourself can be intimmidating AF. 
3. I personally hate waking up on January 1st and feeling like complete garbage. 

So for the rest of 2017 I created a Facebook group (please join me!) called #HealthForTheHolidays where I'll be sharing fitness studios I'm trying, healthy places around town to grab food, and reminders to drink water. :)

This video is sponsored by ZeSa Fitness and I will be spending A LOT of time there over the next few weeks and you should join! I'm taking my first class this Friday at 4pm and if you want to try it (for free!) shoot me a message. 

Shoutout to lululemon at Galleria Edina for a couple items in the video!

Thanks to Jason Ho aka "Dream Nineteen" for the video. ->

Sarah Edwards