Get Caffeinated

Presented by Cameron’s Coffee

I am constantly on the go and basically live on coffee. When you’re as busy as me sometimes the only option is to go through a Starbucks drive-thru when you need a coffee fix. I think we convince ourselves that it saves time to just grab our daily coffee at a coffee shop, but the cost of the daily coffee run and the time waiting in the drive-thru definitely adds up.

I did the math and was shocked at how much money I was spending each month on coffee at shops! For the price of one specialty drink from Starbucks, I can buy a 12oz bag of ground Cameron’s Coffee. So that means I can get a cup of coffee for cents instead of $5. If I buy 1 specialty drink a day, that’s over $150 PER MONTH.

After this realization an deciding I needed to make a change, I started to brew my own coffee at home. My favorite brand to make at home is Cameron’s Coffee. Did you know they are a local brand? They are constantly coming out with new flavors that are DELICIOUS like Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Press. Plus who doesn’t like supporting local?

A few of my new favorite flavors are the Italian Roast and the 100% Colombian (PS- they are so good you don’t even need cream or sugar!). All of their coffees are carb-free, dairy-free, and calorie-free. By switching over to Cameron’s Coffee, I am spending about $20 a month (at most) on coffee.

Brewing your coffee at home is the most simple, fast, and cost-effective way to get your coffee fix in the morning (or afternoon...or at 9pm…), and hey, with all the money I am saving I might just use it to take my mom on other trip to Paris!

Sarah Edwards