Jasmine Russell


Jasmine Russell

Monicat Data


Jasmine Russell Lead Founder and CEO of Monicat Data — a strategic agency providing data management and technology solutions for the creative economy.


Jasmine holds 9 years of experience within quantitative and qualitative market research and digital analytics across markets of: creative, retail, consumer products, healthcare, service and technology industries.

Jasmine additionally works to develop technology and art supporting concepts as Co-Founder of The Fourth Wall MSP (Co-working building development campaign), Board Member of GiveMN, past speaker curator and emcee for TEDxMinneapolis (4 seasons in Minneapolis, MN, 2 seasons in Indianapolis, IN)  and community organizer in the development, awareness and support for People of Color (POC) in technology.

Art has set the foundation of her perspective in viewing data and technology, as she seeks to broaden the creative community's perspective of technical strategies to elevate understandings of its craft and work.


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