Marketing Communications

Mapping out your message doesn’t happen in a silo at once, it happens over the course of time. We carefully craft your story with beginnings, middles, ends, and all of the touch points that makes your story a never-ending one. Broadcast news media, print publications, short- and long-lead media? Yes, we partner with them all to ensure we’re not the only ones telling your story, but that the stories being told out there align with plans we’ve intended.

Sarah has always over delivered on our projects. The I AM Sarah Edwards brand has grown tenfold and because she is our spokesperson we have benefitted.
— Ted Terp, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis


Whether it is Event Marketing to bring your audience together, or Experiential to have your brand come to life, I AM has created, produced, and activated over 100 in-real-life moments for brands, communities and networks with real meaning, for real people. Fashion show? Many. Parties? Obviously. Branded Integrations? The best.

We’ve had the joy to team up with ’I am Sarah Edwards’ for our ’First Look’ premier of the exhibition ’Gudrun Sjödén – A Colourful Universe’ at American Swedish Institute”. Sarah and her brilliant team accompanied us to produce the fashion show. A show with 40 colorful local women with fabulous personality from Minneapolis at the runway. Sarah quickly understood what our brand is all about and what we were aiming for, which has been a meaningful key for the success. Sarah and her team are a pleasure working with – so professional, easy to communicate with and always a step ahead. We would not have succeeded this immense without Sarahs professionalism and strong sense for fashion and PR. We can strongly recommend to partner up with ’I am Sarah Edwards
— Ida Kurvinen, Communications Coordinator at Gudrun Sjödén Design.
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Branded Content

Story-driven content is not only our passion, we thrive at it, and where we got our start. We create compelling stories through video, images or words to reach your audience with the right message, on the right platforms, at the right time to connect your brand with people and culture. We believe in being relevant over perfection — If you can put things out quickly, you have more opportunities to connect and be a part of the conversation.

We trust Sarah. She’s savvy, she’s got hustle, and it’s backed by a keen understanding of marketing communications. Our alignment with Sarah Edwards is the most effective strategy we have pursued in launching our new brand. Her team created a video that told a bigger story than I thought we could tell. It was bold, it was smart, and it was funny. It reached a broader audience than I’d expected and it started a conversation with our clients she’s continued to direct. Her initiatives out-performed our numbers and we are exceeding our sales projections. She nailed it.
— Valerie Doleman, VP & Director of Marketing Communications of Sherman Associates

Strategic Partnership

I AM has over a decade of networking and connecting under our fashionable belt and we know how to use it. We connect brands with partners, talent with producers, start-ups with angel investors, stories with story tellers, and are constantly seeking out unique connections that will add value to your brand. Our partnerships let us be small and nimble for one need, and responsibility goliath for the other.

At HandsOn Twin Cities we help individuals, groups and companies put their passions into action through volunteerism. The magic of creating successful volunteer experiences happens through effective partnership on every level, and after working with the team at I AM Sarah Edwards for only three months we have already made numerous fruitful connections to nonprofits, companies, and social influencers. Sarah and her team seem to be plugged in to every network in the Twin Cities and with their connections and knowledge they are helping build awareness about volunteerism and HandsOn in ways we never imagined were possible. Prior to working with I AM Sarah Edwards we felt like HandsOn was the best kept secret in the Twin Cities. Today we feel a surge of new interest, a rapidly growing social media presence, and we are telling the story of volunteers who are transforming our community in ways that are exciting and inspiring more action!
— Tracy, Executive Director of HandsOn Twin Cities
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Public Speaking & Event Emcee

Sarah has spoke in front of corporate leadership teams, small collectives, schools, media groups and more. She tends to speak on topics focused on storytelling, community and the power of letting go of perfectionism. Sarah’s genuine personality and passion for connecting with people comes across in her relatable yet inspirational presence.


Social Connection

Yes, you read that right — brand love doesn’t come from “media” it comes from connections; goodbye “social media.” We are experts and understand the platforms, nuances, and what makes a brand successful in this space. There is a time and place for paid-media and a time and place for social content. Our team knows them both and will guide you through the complexities to maximize your engagement and amplify your budget.

As a start up company it was essential to find a social media team that would take a bold and unique approach. IAMSE has gone above and beyond expectations! They have not only strategically engaged with brands whom we want to be aligned with, they’ve also injected a hip and fun vibe into our feed while educating our followers about how easy (and awesome!) it is to rent a Tesla from TREVLS! We couldn’t be happier with the creative ways they have helped us partner with influencers, companies and brands... we are so excited to see where this journey with IAMSE will go!
— Casey Noelle, Director of Creative & Marketing of TREVLS Tesla Rentals