Bee Mindful

In today's extremely busy, demanding, digitally connected is important to practice mindfulness. But what exactly IS mindfulness?

This panel discussion included industry experts to make you feel lighter, more connected to your purpose, and...mindful.

Enjoy pop up shops from Wood + Weiher, Love & Drishti, ThisFem, Minnetonka Family Chiropractic! and Beautycounter!

Create your own mindful poems (by typewriter!) with help from author Brittany Chaffee. Her poetry book Borderline Collective is now available for pre-order:


Panelists include:

Ashley Starr
Ashley is passionate about bridging the gap between the workplace and intentional, mindful living. This passion led her to pursue a certification in mindful movement and meditation and is now a Mindfresh instructor.

Ashley Ochiagha
Ashley's focus in life revolves around the mantra: ‘equity through empathy & excellence’. She believes mental health is at the center of all things and strives to encourage herself and others to take care.

Aneela Idnani
Aneela is Cofounder & President of HabitAware. HabitAware created it's Keen smart bracelet to help people “Retrain The Brain” from detrimental behaviors to positive ones.

Nikki Peters Barrett
With a passion for creating environments for healthy living, connection and flourishing business, Nikki Peters Barrett is a leader in the wellness industry and Founder and CEO of Studio 9-to-5 Wellness. Having began her career as an original employee of Core Power Yoga, Nikki has built multi-million dollar locations, led and trained hundreds of fitness professionals and helped bring thousands of students and customers towards greater well being.


Enjoy intention setting and breathing exercises by Danielle Jokinen of Minnesota Power Yoga.

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