I AM Back to School


Back to life. Back to friends. Back to you.

I AM Back to School is a fashion and variety event focused on empowering young girls, sponsored by City Girl Coffee and the Mall of America.

A white t-shirt is accessible. Common. Complete. But it's also the beginning. The first step. An avenue to express who you are.

The girls of I AM BACK TO SCHOOL all wear the same shirt, but each one makes the shirt their own — letting their unique personality shine through the threads. #IAMBTS #commonthread


A common thread that our #IAMBTS girls have is a beauty that shines from within, allowing their individual personalites to stand out.

We are delighted to have Mall of America as a sponsor for #IAMBTS.

Here are some exclusive images from their Back To School Look Book. 

Some of us are athletes. Some artists. Some both. Some neither. But what matters is something we all have in common: kindness. #IAMBTS #commonthread

We are so lucky to have Kylee and Christian Creative as creative partners.

They created videos of all of our #IAMBTS girls. In this video Trinity talks about confidence.

Take inspiration from mood boards curated by #IAMBTS stylist team member Victoria Turcios.

Sarah Edwards, creator and executive producer of #IAMBTS was #VillagerforaDay and took over Arc's Value Village Personal Shopper's Instagram account.

Sarah did ticket give-aways for the event, shared images of #IAMBTS girls styled in looks by our stylist team and featuring personally curated looks from Arc's Value Village she created for herself.

Use our custom Snapchat geofilter to #IAMBTS yourself and add us on Snapchat👻: iambtschool


Special thanks to all who contributed to this event.