I AM St Paul

Design & Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt.

Design & Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt.

Located on the eastern border of Minnesota are two towns, similar in size and separated by a river. Together, these municipalities are commonly referenced as “The Twin Cities.”

Plenty is shared between these sister cities, and both have a distinctly northern milieu with an artistic DNA.

However, beneath the similarities, there are certain things about the eastern part of the duo that keeps them from being identical twins.

  • Is it a bluer collar, made scrappier from a bit more grit and some additional flint?
  • Is it the rich, capitol-driven history that demands a foot be placed in it while driving to be forward and progressive?
  • Is it due to its unique brand of people that create and businesses that thrive – achieving their own fame and finding their own limelight?
  • Is it because that being a smaller city gives you the freedom to act like a smaller town?
  • Or maybe it’s the fact that when you’re in the shadow of a brilliant sister, you don’t have to field the same expectations, allowing you to relax and hone your craft?

Who knows? All we know is that our metropolis is its own wonderful, unique, and vibrant community. And that every year, we come together as one – celebrating all of the qualities and creativity that definitively make us who we are.

We’re all Minnesotans. We’re all Twin Citians. But, tonight, we say that I AM ST. PAUL!


Introducing the 2015 I AM St Paul Lineup

Unique performances and appearances by local artists coming together to celebrate St. Paul!


Thanks to all who came out to I AM ST. PAUL! at the Turf Club!

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